Make single slide or double slide zippers with Sallie Tomato #5 Nylon Coil Handbag Zippers by the Yard. Coil is available in Silver, Light Gold, Antique, Gunmetal Black & Copper Finish.  Coordinate the zipper tape color with your fabric and match the nylon coil color with your purse hardware!  Easily cut and sew through the nylon teeth, while achieving the professional appearance of metal teeth.  Cut the length of zipper you need, when you need it, for minimal waste.
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1 Metre Metal Look Black Zip..
This is our own brand zipper tape. 1 metre #5 Black Zipper Tape with metal look plastic teeth in the following finishes: - antique brass - copper - gold - gunmetal - iridescent - rainbow - silver 4 matching zipper pulls included. These zips are perfect for bag making! They look like metal but they have...
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